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 Mage apply :) Nevy wanna join.

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PostSubject: Mage apply :) Nevy wanna join.   Fri Nov 23, 2007 10:37 am

* Character Name: Nevyntje

* Class, Specc & Race: Mage, arcane/frost (pvp specc), undead. I will respecc to whatever u wants me to Smile

* /played (if you've played several characters then try and make an estimate for previous chars as well): 40 days 13 hours 42 mon and 57 sec total. I have played for 2 months in a friends acc aswell. Warlock and druid both 70.

* Previous guild(s)/server(s), why did you leave them etc: I played mostly in a guild called Shadow clan on the realm Darksorrow. Played there since the guild was born Smile After a lot of progress (To void reaver), then we lost the GM (He took everything, including Guild bank) And left the realm. so the guild disbandet Sad
Else a lot of small guilds
* Raiding Experience pre TBC and in TBC:
Ive done Full ZG, MC and two boss's in BWL, also onyx lair.
Full kara and full gruul. Also voidraver, but i forgot tactic 4 him tbh Sad
* IRL name:
* Location (& time zone):
Denmark - europe. Server time is my time.
* Age: (16+ pre )
im 16... 17 in 2 months
* Connection Stability:
10 M/Bit - in and out. Soon i will get 25 M/Bit, but we are not sure about that yet.
* Do you know anyone in our guild or previous member that can vouch for you?:
Ive spoken with Trekki, and think he would vouch for me Smile
* Attunements:
Kara only.
* Armory URL:
Uhm... my armory is bugged. Cus it shows 3 of me. All on ally site : / But here it is:

* Your unbuffed resistances in each school (fire/frost/shadow/arcane/nature): 0/0/10/0/0 :'(

* Do you have any outstanding professions?:
Alchy 375 (Potion Master)
ailoring 374 (Spellfire tailor)

* Give us a general description of yourself:
A happy person that enjoys playing the game Smile Love to meet new people, even thou that i am a bit shy in start Wink I work out every monday, wendsday and friday - but wont effect raiding at all Smile
I have to go to my dads place (sweden) every second weekend. sometimes i skip, but sometimes i just cant. nd i cant raid there cus of the connection Sad

* Do you have any real life factor(s) that can hinder your playing?:
Only when i go to my dads place.

* We normally raid 18:30-23:00 (CET/GMT+1), is this a problem for you?:
No it won't be a problem.

* What activity or attendance percentage would you guess that you can manage?: I can play everyday, also in weekends. So about 80% ? Maybe there is days where i have a lot of homework (High School).

* We expect our guildies to be familiar w/ forums and regularly visit the guild forum. Is this something you're used to?:
Yup Smile A lot Smile)

* Why should we recruit YOU?:
Because im a good player? And i'm sure i can assist you in PVE Smile

* What do you expect from us as a guild?:
I expect to raid, thats the primary thing. Else, if every member is like Trekki, then u are one awsome guild Smile)

* We require that you have a working Ventrilo (server is currently running v2.1) and a working microphone. Do you have any problems with talking on Ventrilo?:
Not at all Smile I usely speak english, so it should be np.

* Investor is an international guild, that the common spoken language is English. How would you rate your English on a scale from 1 to 10?
8 i would think Smile On a scale from 0 - 12 i had a 10 so i guess about the 8 Smile

* Describe your view on your role in raids:
My role?
DPS Smile dps dps dps and more dps Smile Else i would say yes, if somebody need'd my help Smile if i can help ofc Smile

I would like to add:
Ive were hacked by a friend of mine (Not friend anymore -.-) 2 weeks ago. I usely played on Darksorrow and Magtheridon realm. My char was moved here. when i got my char back (like 1 week ago) i was full green and all my gear was gone. GM's couldn't help, and didn't belive me when i told them that i was hacked. Since the IP was the same (Don't ask :O i just cant figue it out how). So i have been pvping a lot to get atleast some epics. So if u won't let me in cus of my gear, i understand Smile Can't blame any1 but the guy that hacked me.

Thx Nevy Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Mage apply :) Nevy wanna join.   Fri Nov 23, 2007 10:57 am

I think we're currently full on mages, but wait for the mage CL to answer.
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PostSubject: Re: Mage apply :) Nevy wanna join.   Fri Nov 23, 2007 11:08 am

Dude u need much better gear and also respecc to pve .GL with Fides our mage CL
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PostSubject: Re: Mage apply :) Nevy wanna join.   Fri Nov 23, 2007 11:15 am

I can definitively vouch for him.
The gear he got is good enough for gruuls/kz atleast.
I think he could be a good addition to our guild..

Anyways, hope you get in..!
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PostSubject: Re: Mage apply :) Nevy wanna join.   

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Mage apply :) Nevy wanna join.
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