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 Level 70 Hunter

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Ritarded Oz

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PostSubject: Level 70 Hunter   Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:14 pm

* Character Name:

* Class, Specc & Race:
Hunter - Beast Mastery - Tauren

* /played (if you've played several characters then try and make an estimate for previous chars as well):
On this one I have played 42 days. But I got 2 level 70 alliance who I got tired of. (Feitedorris - Stormscale, Zlamer - Balnazzar) So all togheter maybe 120 days >.>

* Previous guild(s)/server(s), why did you leave them etc:
No guilds at this hunter, since before level 60 ofcourse. I rerolled horde to play with some RL friends ( Trekki, Buffbot, Sidefett, Tainar ...etcetcetcetc BJARNARR)

* Raiding Experience pre TBC and in TBC:
Pre-TBC : MC, BWL, twin(k)s, Anub'Rekhan.
TBC : Karazhan, Gruul's Lair, Maghteridon, Void Reaver and Doom Lord Kazzak.

* IRL name:
Torun Skaar Bruset

* Location (& time zone):
Norway (Paris time)

* Age: (16+ pre )

* Connection Stability:
As stabil as it can be. Very nice!

* Do you know anyone in our guild or previous member that can vouch for you?:

* Attunements:

* Armory URL:

* Your unbuffed resistances in each school (fire/frost/shadow/arcane/nature):
Very low, it is so low I won't bother to find out, but hey! I got aspect of the wild.
* Do you have any outstanding professions?:
My alchemy is handy when you want some potions brewed. Herbalism...yea.

* Give us a general description of yourself:
I am a girl who likes wow and lan with friends ;D Progress is allways fun to make and I'm a helpful girl!^^

* Do you have any real life factor(s) that can hinder your playing?:
Period... nah just kidding.

* We normally raid 18:30-23:00 (CET/GMT+1), is this a problem for you?:
No problem at all.

* What activity or attendance percentage would you guess that you can manage?:

* We expect our guildies to be familiar w/ forums and regularly visit the guild forum. Is this something you're used to?:
Yea, everyday I visit my previous guild forums to stay in touch.

* Why should we recruit YOU?:
If you want someone who can learn, and have fun with. I can be the person.
Ask Trekki, I am a whole bunch of fun!

* What do you expect from us as a guild?:
Respect and honor

* We require that you have a working Ventrilo (server is currently running v2.1) and a working microphone. Do you have any problems with talking on Ventrilo?:
Sometimes I have problem to talk, but of course. If I am needed to talk I can allways tell some words.

* Investor is an international guild, that the common spoken language is English. How would you rate your English on a scale from 1 to 10?
9 1/2

* Describe your view on your role in raids:
Damage, and CC if needed traps. Help out with tactics to different bosses.

-PS: My gear might be alittle bad *ALITTLE* afro But I am currently farming bunch of badge of justice and some pvp gear (PvP gear is allways better then greenies, and with the ignore armor +stats it will be better then it already is) Like a Star @ heaven I am active Like a Star @ heaven
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PostSubject: Re: Level 70 Hunter   Fri Nov 23, 2007 2:12 pm

Yeah.. I can definitively vouch for Oz.. a good RL m8 of me. Smile
And I'll help her gear up to get rid of the bad gear etc..
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PostSubject: Re: Level 70 Hunter   Fri Nov 23, 2007 3:12 pm

m8 i am sorry to say this ... Sad
but your gear isnt so good and yeah we got like 9 hunters who wants to come into raid if you understand .. but good luck in the future man !
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PostSubject: Re: Level 70 Hunter   

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Level 70 Hunter
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