Horde guild on Laughing Skull
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 Lvl 70 Troll Mage Fireye

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PostSubject: Lvl 70 Troll Mage Fireye   Sat Nov 24, 2007 7:56 am

* Character Name: Fireye

* IRL name: my name is Jordan Cook and i am 19

* Location (& time zone): i live in london, england GMT

* Give us a general description of yourself: i am 6 ft tall and long haired

* Connection Stability: i have never had a problem with it and never lagged out in raids

* Class, Specc & Race: i am a lvl 70 Troll mage

*Charatars: i have access to a lvl 70 tauren warroir

* Previous guild(s)/server(s), why did you leave them etc: my Previous raiding guild was Ressurected on laughing skull. I Left ressurected because their guild leader was abusived

* Raiding Experience pre TBC and in TBC: Pre TBC i have done ZG MC AQ20 in TBC i have done full gruul, i have also completed kara

* Do you know anyone in our guild or previous member that can vouch for you?: i am close friends with Vattick a tauren 70 hunter

* Attunements: Kara and all heroic keys

* Armory URL: my armory link is

* Your unbuffed resistances in each school (fire/frost/shadow/arcane/nature): i have 4 Smile i can easily get resistance pots and gear

* Do you have any outstanding professions?: I am a 375 Tailor and 375 Skinner

* Do you have any real life factor(s) that can hinder your playing?: none maybe coursework when i have some .

* We normally raid 18:30-23:00 (CET/GMT+1), is this a problem for you?: this is no problem on friday or saturday but on weekdays i can only play till 10 i am normaly on at 5 so 6:30 start should be no problem

* What activity or attendance percentage would you guess that you can manage?: hopfully 70% i should no realy miss a raid except of emergancy

* We expect our guildies to be familiar w/ forums and regularly visit the guild forum. Is this something you're used to?: yes looking on the forums should be done atleast once a day as it is important for guild news

* We require that you have a working Ventrilo (server is currently running v2.1) and a working microphone: i have a perfectly fine microphone and i have ventrilo mix so there should be no problem there. i would Also hope my English is 10 because ofc i am english though spelling is not my stronge point

Thx for looking though my app hopefully u can get back to me soon
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PostSubject: Admin   Sat Nov 24, 2007 8:10 am

Fix enchant on your gear, Let Fides have a asnwer for you shortly gl
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Lvl 70 Troll Mage Fireye
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